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Flourish in Web3

Habitat is a fully committed Web3 platform that plays nice alongside your current website. Harvest a powerful suite of tools to cultivate your brand and community.

Add Blockchain Functionality to Your Site Without the Hassle

Habitat simplifies onboarding, asset management and community building so you can create your own Web3 ecosystem.

Effortless Wallet Creation

Users can instantly create a Web3 wallet. Zero crypto knowledge required.

Easy and Direct NFTs

Purchase NFTs and other digital assets directly with a credit card.

Token-Gate Anything

Use NFTs as the key to unlock content, IRL events, special pricing, rewards and more.

Accelerate your Community Engagement

Leverage Web3 to craft new opportunities for customer interaction.

  • Deepen community connections
  • Acquire direct customer insights
  • Increase your reach
  • Expand into new marketing channels

Convert Users into Stakeholders and Advocates

Build your customer base into a community whose attention and conversation is centered around your brand.

  • Unique VIP access to exclusive product & content
  • On-chain loyalty programs
  • Incentivise & reward users with airdrops

Your Branding. Your Experience.

Habitat is a fully customizable, private-label solution designed to drop seamlessly into your existing site.

Streamlined Integration

  • Compatible with almost any site or app
  • Flexible component library
  • Get to market in days not months

Fully Customizable

  • Completely control the look and feel
  • No intrusive branding
  • Use pre-built components or roll your own

Powerful API

  • Create your own UI
  • Fine-tune functionality to your needs
  • Integrate with 3rd parties

Get actionable data across your Web3 ecosystem

Maximize your efficiency with deep, meaningful insights into user behavior.

  • Let users control how and where their data is shared
  • Derive specific data-driven insights at a minimal cost
  • Take a more decentralized and accountable approach to user data
  • Optimize campaigns with OpenAI powered recommendations
  • Combine your Web2 and Web3 data to create a holsitic customer world-view

Drive Engagement

Create a more personal brand experience

You are the expert eganging with your community. We can provide you with tools to help deepen that relationship.

Develop NFT Utility
Leverage NFTs as a key that can unlock special offers and opportunities.
Personalized Airdrops
Directly incentivize users with targetted rewards.
Reward Brand Loyalty
Engage your most active users with personal economic benefits.
Encourage Brand Advocacy
Turn casual users into active ambassadors through digital ownership and recognition.
Digital Collectibles
Monetize the brand value through tradeable assets.
Token Issuance
Create an ERC20 token as a currency for rewards and incentives.